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Nur Technik is an automotive performance facility located in Burnsville, Minnesota. We specialize in european automotive repair, service, and performance modification. If you have performance needs or just need to repair your vehicle, Nur Technik is always available to assist you.

With our grand opening Sept 10th, 2011 Nur Technik is proud to now be the south metro's only VW/Audi shop! We offer great deals on the services we all need! From timing belts to suspension issues, we can maintain and service your european car to keep it running perfect.

When it comes to performance, Nur Technik will cater to your every need. Whether you are a street/highway driver or an experienced track driver, we can set you and your vehicle up with engine, suspension, braking, and aerodynamic performance to suit your needs!

Contact David at Nur Technik if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment! 952-322-7495

Whats the meaning behind Nur Technik (Ner tek-nick)?

Nur Technik's very unique name was derived from the name Nurburgring and the word technik, meaning engineering/technology. The Nurburgring is a world famous race track in Nurburg, Germany. It hosts a variety of races including endurance and VLN series. With our future in an automotive parts production and installation facility direction, the name "Nur Technik" really fits us well. We are really focused around engineering and using the latest technology to better your driving experience!

Honesty through knowledge

At Nur Technik, we provide thorough explanations for all repairs necessary to your vehicle. We believe that the most simple way to build a trusting relationship with our clients is through spending the time to explain exactly what is faulty in their vehicle.

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